probate leads in sacramento and fresno counties

Probate Leads in Sacramento and Fresno Counties

More coverage, more leads! Probate Money has just added two more counties -- Sacramento and Fresno. In total, we cover 11 counties with data coming from all of their courthouses! 

This is good news for real estate agents and investors in Northern California. Lately, we have expanded our probate lead service to Alameda, San Mateo, and San Francisco Counties. Previously, we have offered fresh probate leads in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Orange Counties. 

Overall, our probate lead and education platform covers the area of over 25 million people. 

As a real estate agent, why should I care about probate?

Probate is one of the most predictable yet least competitive lead sources in real estate. Sadly, no one can escape death and when people pass away, they leave their inheritance to the next generation. Due to strict California laws, many homeowners have no living trust, which means that all real estate must go through the probate process.

Our court researchers scrub court PDFs for valuable information, compile the list of the heirs (and their attorneys), load it into our platform, add some extra valuable data, such as petitioner phone numbers, estimated distribution (how much money each party is going to get after the house is sold), and provide it to our subscribers.

With the Baby Boomer generation leaving their possessions to the next generation, one of the biggest real estate transfers in the state is happening right now. Even if you don’t seek out probate, rest assured, you will encounter a situation where a homeowner has passed away and his/her children will be looking to heir a real estate agent to sell the property. 

I am an investor; I don’t want to list and sell--I want to buy probate properties. How can your platform help me?

Glad you have mentioned that! The platform provides accurate probate data in 11 California counties, including petitioner and attorney contact information, and estimated distribution (how much each beneficiary will receive if the house is sold--after all the probate expenses). As a real estate investor, you can use our data to contact your boss--the petitioner, aka Personal Representative, and make your best offer. We also provide marketing letter examples as well as original customizable letters that can be downloaded at no additional charge.

I am new to probate. I am worried that I won’t know how to take advantage of the leads. I need guidance.

That’s a valid concern! Probate Money is founded by Paul Horn, a seasoned California probate attorney. Paul is perhaps the only practicing attorney who has been tirelessly conducting free webinars (and, prior to the pandemic--live seminars) for the real estate community. He is among less than 1% of lawyers recognized by the State Bar Association as a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law. Paul is also an author of the only probate certification approved and facilitated by the California Association of Realtors (C .A. R.). 

Therefore, Probate Money is as much of a probate education platform as it is a probate lead source. As a subscriber, you will get immediate access to Probate Educational Videos, featuring hours and hours of original content designed to teach real estate professionals and investors everything they need to know about buying or selling probate properties in California. Once you know how probate works, you will realize that it flows just like a regular transaction. 


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