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Top 5 Features of the Probate Money Lead Platform for Real Estate Agents and Investors

What’s the number one thing every real estate agent wants? While the answer will vary from one professional to another, high-quality leads are on the top of everyone’s list. Probate Money is built to deliver the best quality, up-to-date probate leads, plus, a members’-only education portal featuring hours of videos and 400+ pages of marketing samples.

In this post, we’ll go over the top 5 features of the platform, which delivers value beyond simply providing probate leads to the real estate agents and investors in California.

1) Built by a seasoned probate attorney

The platform is built by attorney Paul Horn, who is an author, speaker, real estate educator, and a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law. Less than 1% of all lawyers in California hold this esteemed certification. Paul also files the most probate cases in many counties and his practice focuses solely on probate and estate planning. As a result, the platform brings the most accurate probate data and hours upon hours of invaluable probate education available exclusively for its subscribers. 

2) Probate case search

This is the core feature of the platform, which is primarily an outbound marketing tool. Our members can choose one of the available counties in California and search for probate cases filed with each court in its respective county. The cases range from the ones filed a few days ago to as far back as 2014. You can keep your search filters to a minimum (like searching by the date the cases were filed) or you can refine your search by limiting results to zip codes or cities in your farm area. In addition, there are multiple advanced filters. These allow users to further filter the results, for instance, by cases filed by a specific attorney, cases filed In Pro Per (by the petitioner himself/herself, without using an attorney) or cases where the petitioner lives out of state. 

If you’re new to probate real estate, some of the terms might be confusing and you may not even be sure why a real estate agent would care to search for probate cases. This is where the third benefit of the platform comes in.

3) Probate education and marketing (video library)

Before covering the library, let’s just answer the question of what the probate is. In short, probate is the legal process of handling the affairs of a person who has died. If the person who had passed away left some real property that is not in a trust, it needs to go through the court process to ensure that the rightful heirs get the house. In many cases, the heirs choose to sell the house and divide the proceeds. Most will hire a real estate agent to help sell the home.

So, to a real estate professional, probate leads is valuable information because it tells them that the person called the petitioner is asking the court to grant them the right to the home they have rightfully inherited. The next logical step for many will be selling the house.

Probate Money features the Probate Video Library with tens of hours of in-depth education on the subject from the legal perspective and from the real estate agent’s perspective. Many videos include multiple pages of written materials (in PDF format), including 400+ pages of probate marketing samples. In fact, watching the videos should be your first stop if you’re a new subscriber. Surely, searching for probate cases and going after the leads is fun (and the final objective), but in order to be successful in your search, you need at least basic probate knowledge. The good news--it’s not rocket science and Paul makes learning easy and entertaining. 

4) Lead notifications

If you asked us to pick the coolest feature, this would be it. Each search you perform on the platform is saved. So, you can come back and convert any previous search into your base for lead notifications. Say, you searched for probate cases in Downey, Lakewood, and Cerritos. With a click of a button, you can convert that search into a notification. Now, every time there’s a new case in the area, you will get an email with a link to all the new cases. The notifications are not limited to geographical parameters like cities or zip codes only. All of the advanced search parameters can be used to build a super-fine-tuned algorithm to notify you about the cases that meet your criteria. No more excuses--you will never miss another probate case in your farm area!

5) My leads (CRM)

It’s not a secret that many real estate agents already have their favorite CRM. But in case you don’t or you want one that is built into the probate leads system, we got your back! Without any additional cost, you can save any case as your lead and then use the built-in CRM to track your calls, update case statuses, make notes, and more. Needless to say, the information you enter in the CRM is private and only you can see your case statuses and notes. 

BONUS! Trust search. We’ve just added a new bonus feature available at no additional cost (for Pro and Ultimate plan subscribers-only). Now you can search and view certain trust cases in Los Angeles County right from your dashboard. A video recorded by attorney Paul Horn details how real estate agents and investors can benefit from this hard-to-find information. This is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for low-competition, high-reward leads, you definitely want to check this feature out!

 These are just the main features of the platform. Once you sign up for a no-obligation free trial, you will be able to experience all of the above, plus, access to how-to videos and other subscriber benefits.

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